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The History Of French Furniture | Albresasa


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The History Of French Furniture


HistoryWorld 900 - 1500
We wanted to be called out of the Middle Ages. Maximus is wont to be pure and simple, and strong.

The same was to get up early instruments of the art line. Very few pieces of the furniture was carved of this age, especially for the money that he had designed.

Renaissance 1500-1610
By the Renaissance, artists started to create French furniture with deeply engraved and decorated patterns. Many small buffets and cabinets were dynamic influences from Greek or Roman buildings.

Louis 13 1610-1640
Lewis, 13, was an era of French furniture design from Italy. Some property and carved with geometric.

The beautiful furnishings industry. We know the best inventions of upholstery furniture makers pads.

Lewis, 14, 1640-1715
About the same time Asia and the far east fascination with all things have increased. French artists to imitate the style and add their own, French is.

Most of the furniture was modern and luxurious extremely detailed issues.

Regents 1715-1730
Regents architectuni style of furniture was a carpenter and a private acting regent Louis 14, who decorates his apartment.

Regents that he should enter the time at which the rooms. Lighter and a small area of open and elegant furniture at home. Asymmetrical direct line and change the symmetrical simple wooden shell inlay for the extravagant.

15 Louis 1730-1770
Louis 15 is ruled by means of the "Golden Age" of the Franks in Section MAN. Louis French furniture style women or worse, by the court, the report fine furniture slender, feminine line.

Predominant feature in this time and their furnishings tables with square corners on the shelves, instead of rounded, legs straight and door frames with ribbon twist moldings are revealed.

Directory 1790-1805
This kind of French furniture, and break the habits of the past, the luxurious Royal. The request of, even mild, and the ideas they represent and less of antiquity.

Furniture of this era, from the geometric form, and incorporate a Grecian urn, female shapes. Key features of the age of the animals and stylized Etruscan ideas like Palm Page. It is different from the French and the coronae, and to another the insignia of torches and weapons.

Government 1805-1815
Empire furniture is often large and decorated, and gold, brass alloys, such as copper, zinc, and tin,. Napoleons Egyptian campaign, the Egyptian ideas, such as revealing information vessels adorned sphinx.

Importance in the design of this equipment, age shift symmetrical rounded picture ornate carvings and romantic. Yet the ancient Greek-inspired empire Roman period, including a beautiful school with garlands, a handsome and talented Griffins. Learn symmetrical figures and bronze.

Revised 1815-1830
Coincided with the restoration of the industrial revolution, which passes behind the furniture. Amidst the airport in the morning, rising consumer demand.

Government purchases of furniture, but a touch more subtle contours and playful. System of musical instruments, rosettes, swans and abundance. He saw also the times of restitution of wood inlay is a return to the use of the supplied with furniture.

Louis Philippe, 1830-1850
In addition, he was sold by the parts of the furniture now. Revolution brought a new energy and build, and manufacturers began dating dining room furniture.

Times this simple furniture, kept the rounded lines of age restored, but less ornamentation. Louis Philippe style is characterized by soft curves defined in the upper chest and feasting, and wardrobes.

3 Napoleon 1850-1880
Napoleon III style and described the wide variety of spectacular. Furniture at work the last 500 years of French style. Is mixed with the unusual, he does not see very many kinds of furniture to one side of the furniture.

Coffee tables and furniture of this age of information, a comfortable sofa, chairs and chaise. Furniture has a whimsical paintings, especially the Pearl and part of iron, and the Mach Ivory inlay.

MAN art 1880-1920
This race was created in the instruments of the arts of motion in that this renewed life, wide range of furniture and massage.

Flowing out of the vessels of the winding lines and figures I have mentioned before in this space, the continued use of the time of Louis asymmetrical like 15. Notifications have time, and ideas, from the steps of Mr. Fantasy, Gothic structures and figurative paintings of the English sports.

Art Deco 1920-1940
His reign was from Art Deco style of the time and Lewis 16. Furniture is often decorated with geometric shapes and Egyptian-inspired ideas.

Furniture of this era is characterized by bold geometric patterns. Pregnant different, even experimented this prince, with new colors and the Gauls were Polish. The ornament of the Pearl of the metal was decorated with ivory, shell, wood and wrought iron.

Chelsi Woolz domestic goddess in the home and family here. And he did not want the furniture of them all other decorations for the house to be decorated with the Gauls the items. Online The furniture for the most part, and found that it is pleasant, and the time cost of the work of salvation.